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A documentary on the various aspects of
kidney donations.

Mostly documentaries , and especially those made
by foreign agencies have painted the dreariest and
shameful side to our Kidney bazaars. We feel its time
a mature look was potrayed.

The documentary will be made with the help of
                                  transplant surgeons and nephrologists.

                                 Through this we hope to set a few records straight and
                                 show the true picture and the issues involving kidney
                                 transplantation in a country like India. And a befitting
                                 picture for international audiences.

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A 30 min documentary on " The
malarial parasite " and Sir Ronald
Ross who made the discovery exactly
100 years ago. It is a very topical
subject because malaria is prevalent
all over the country.

                                 In the tropical countries more than 200 million people
                                suffer each year, including about one million African
                                infants who die of Malaria, which remains to this day
                                the most important single disease of mankind.

                                For more about "The History of Malaria " watch out
                                for it on T. V.  For foreign nationals seeking info
                                contact :

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