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                                     These are all the letters you wrote to us, we are publishing them
                                     on- line.
                                         Dr Ambika Singh from Delhi : " your programme is one I never
                                          miss and I love to be near the T. V .  when it sparkles with the
                                          glitter of P. J. U."

                                          Sandeep from Lodhi Colony , New Delhi: " Your program PJU
                                          is highly informative and it gives me real pleasure to watch it. I
                                          think this the only programme of its kind on national T. V."

                                          From New Delhi, Yadhuveer Singh : " The way you present
                                          complex technical information in a simple and lucid manner is
                                          remarkable. The style of presentation of this programme makes
                                          interesting viewing."

                                          From Chennai, Shilpa Gupta: " I watch your programme every
                                          week with my family and everyone enjoys it."

                                         From Nellore: "V.H.K.K . Gupta answers our question " are
                                          women doctors different" ?"


                                      THIS IS THE LATEST MAIL WE RECIEVED, IF YOU
                               HAVE SEEN OUR PROGRAMME AND WISH TO
                               WRITE, PLEASE DO !!!