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Crown Communications Home Page People behind the scenes

                                     Director / producer : SHUBHADARSHINI SINGH
                                     First person to make a film on the Indian Saltwater Crocodile.
                                     Started as an advertising Copywriter, then worked as a journalist
                                     for five years.
                                     Since 1987 in television.

                                     Designed, Devised and Directed
                                     Ek Tha Rusty : 26 part serial. Sundays on National Channel.
                                     Physicians Journal Update: Weekly Medical Science Television
                                     magazine on national television.
                                     Tears for the Crocodile: Made for the Ministry of Environment
                                      and Forest, on the saltwater crocodile, selected for the Intnl. Film
                                      Festival, Thiruvananthapuram, 1995.
                                     Wonders to perform: A film on the music of Mizoram ( India )
                                     Gowridi:  A profile of the 85 year old daughter of Nandalal Bose,
                                     currently living in Shantiniketan, West Bengal ( India ).
                                     In Praise Of  Kidney Donors: A magazine on the various aspects
                                     of kidney donations.
                                     Hamari Sena Ke Sargam: 10 part serial on Martial Music.

                                     CORPORATE FILMS

                                     3-D Adventure in Diamonds for Australian Joint Venture Comp,
                                     Ashton Mining, Perth.
                                     Groundwater Orissa Smiles in Muskilli: for World Geoscience
                                     Perth, Australia.


                                     Devlin Bose: Nominated in 1995, Pinnacle Awards as best Camera
                                     man. Graduate, Films and Television Institute of India, Pune, 1979.
                                     Has been working since then as a freelance cameraman in Cine
                                     & Television.
                                     FEATURE FILMS: Kahan Tak Aasman, Yeh Woh to nahin.
                                     SERIALS & DOCUMENTARIES: Ek Tha Rusty, Amma's family,
                                      Looking Beyond, Dhoop Ki Lakiren,mystery in the house of
                                     Pigeons, Tears For The Crocodile. Assistant director on - Dikung
                                     A Faith in Exile, August Requiem and New Delhi Times.
                                     Documentaries for Foreign networks, such as Granada,Discovery

                                     Shamu Barma: Passed out in 1981 from Bangalore Institute Dipl.
                                     in cinematography. Done 11 films in Oriya and Bengali.
                                     FOR T.V :Hongey Kamayab, Pukaar, Gulabari, Ek Tha Rusty, 
                                     Nature Plus, Chekov Ki Duniya, Ismat Chugtai Ki Kahani, etc.

                                     SOUND RECORDIST :
                                     P. D. Valson: Worked in The Films Division of India and national
                                     television, Doordarshan. Taught at the National School of Drama
                                     Delhi. Professional freelance recordist for Foreign, Indian TV
                                     for twenty years.

                                     CHIEF EDITOR:

                                     Madan Sundar Rajan :  Degree from Jamia Millia Islamia, in mass
                                      Communications. Eleven years of experience in Directing and
                                     editing a wide range of prestigious documentaries and serials for
                                     Foreign networks and Indian Companies. Corp films forCrown
                                     Communications on INDO AUSTRALIAN JOINT VENTURES on
                                     the high resolution airborne geophysical surveys in Orissa, World
                                     Geoscience & Ashton mining. Science and medical programmes for
                                     Jain television,  Turning point on DD.

                                     Production Manager                                        D. G. Ramesh
                                     Assistant Director & Editor                            Aman Vats
                                     Assistant Scriptwriter & Researcher              Arjun Upadhya
                                     Chief Assistant Director                                  Vikas Khosla
                                     Production Executive                                       S. Ramesh
                                     Assistant Director                                            Nitin Madan
                                     Editor                                                                Mohan Krishna
                                     Chief Production Co-ordinator                         Anupam Ahlawat
                                     Production Controller                                       D. S. Jain

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