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Crown Communications Home Page P. J. U and the pharma industry

                                     Physicians Journal Update is the first of its kind medical
                              science magazine which contrary to expectations,
                              has had a good response among viewers,professionals.

                              Doordarshan ( The National Channel ) has given us 
                              an extention, and have congratulated us for our

                              PJU has had its objectives:
                              Providing a base for spreading awareness about issues
                              for the general masses as well as professionals.

                              Clearing misconcepts and doubts about medicine,
                              Rx doctors and drugs.

                              Getting feedback from  viewers and providing answers
                              to the various questions that arise in their minds.With
                              this in mind  we have incorporated quizzes and comp-
                              etetions with attractive prizes for the winners. There 
                              was an overwhelming response and we were flooded
                              with letters from the viewers posing a wide range of

                              Attempting to present complex medical subjects, issues 
                              in a simple lucid manner so as to reach out to the widest
                              audience possible.


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