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Crown Communications Home page Our Serials On Music

                                      OUR MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS

                            HAMARI SENA KE SARGAM
                                        Melodies from the bands of our defence services

                                        A ten part serial made for the Indian National Channel morning
                                        transmission of 6 minutes each.

                                        Featured Regimental Bands, the military college of music in
                                        Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, the Naval band and the Air-Force

                                        For the first time people saw a military band playing Indian
                                        classical ragas on a large scale.

                                        Each episode featured a little history and a few compositions.

                                        WONDERS TO PERFORM: THE MUSIC OF MIZORAM

                                        A 30 minute documentary on the Mizos of the North Eastern
                                        states in the mountains of the tribal belt of India.

                                        The naturally talented Mizos sing like angels, pick up music
                                        naturally and have started a music industry with lyrics in
                                        their language composed played and recorded locally. The
                                        documentary features singers, heavy metal groups, church
                                        choirs and child prodigies and lays out the history of musical


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